Member System

Visitors can create their own personal usernames and passwords you can keep track of. Key features can be set exclusive for registered members.

Embed Flash Player

Flash player can be embedded on your favorite websites like Myspace and Facebook. Have your own logo and website link costumized in flash player.

Playlist Creator

Users can create and save different playlists of their favorite songs and artists.

Song Rating

A 5 star rating feature. Song ratings are averaged for other users to see.

Custom Templates

Change the colors of the templates to one that suites your liking. Or do you have your own templates? Incorporate your designs into PHP Music Search.

Free Updates

Get free lifetime updates of PHP Music Search after your one time purchase. PHP Music Search continues to expand with newer features!

Easy Installation

1Prepare for Installation

Edit /inc/config.php file with your database details(username and password). Be sure to also set your site's url, your secret key and your site name.


Upload all script files and folders to your server. Navigate to /install.php in your browser to install the database.


For security reasons please remove install.php from your server and you're done!

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